How to install demo

Good to know: Ciri allows you to install any demo you want with just one single click
  • Upload zip file in Appearance > Themes
  • Install required plugins
  • Go to Tools -> Demo Import to Install demos

Step 1: Upload zip file

  • Download zip file from ThemeForest: Go to Downloads tag > Download > Installable WordPress file only
If you choose All files & documentation, don't forget to unzip the file before going to the next step.
  • Go to Admin > Appearance > Themes
  • Upload zip file > Install Now
  • It's done, then hit Activate
  • Activate ZUMMA theme now

Step 2: Install required plugins

  • Here is the list of required and recommended plugins:
  • Go to Appearance -> Install Plugins in Dashboard and install all required plugins

Step 3: Import demos

  • Go to Tools -> Demo Importer
  • Then select the demo which you want import and click to button "Import Demo"
  • The progressing would be displayed on import status bars so you will know when it is finished and your data is ready.
This process will take about some minutes
DONE. Now, you can visit your website to view demo.